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Welcome to Sanderson Auto Repair

Team Info:

Sanderson Auto Repair | Mark Sanderson - Owner

Mark Sanderson

Hi, I am Mark Sanderson. I started Sanderson Auto Repair in 1985 and have owned & operated it ever since.

I began my career in the automotive service and repair industry as an automotive technician in 1978. Like many of our technicians, I have also earned my A.S.E Master Certification in 1982. I enjoy assisting customers with their vehicle maintenance and snowplow needs. I’m looking forward to spending more time, hunting, fishing, and camping with my wife and two daughters.

Sanderson Auto Repair | Aaron Bjorklund - Owner

Aaron Bjorklund

Hello there, I'm Aaron Bjorklund. I joined the team at Sanderson Auto Repair in 2017. I began my career in the automotive world in 1991 when I joined the US Army Reserve as a Heavy Wheel Vehicle Mechanic. I have experience with many areas of the automotive industry including parts, manufacturing, design, performance, service, and repair. I'm a currently A.S.E. Certified in 23 areas including Master Auto and Heavy Truck Technician. It is my honor to continue guiding Sanderson Auto Repair down the road of high level customer service and repair! The future is bright and there is a lot more good stuff to come!

Meet The Team

Sanderson Auto is Eco-Friendly

Sanderson Auto is Eco-Friendly

Because we live here too!

Sanderson Auto is an eco-friendly business. We continually employ into our daily practices environmentally-conscious policies and procedures to help reduce our impact on the environment. We will continue to act as a “green” business by using the current recycling methods available and by educating ourselves as well as our customers about how we can all positively contribute to our environment and our communities. This responsibility falls on all of us and should not be taken lightly.

Your peace of mind is our first priority!

Our promise to you.

To reduce stress, costly breakdowns and to help save our customers money, we will:

Sanderson Auto Repair | Mission Statement

  • Perform inspections every time on every vehicle
  • Never proceed with any maintenance or repair work without customer authorization
  • Never present an invoice that was larger than the most current estimate
  • Advise customer of all manufacturer recommended services
  • Provide new vehicle warranty inspections and online search manufacturer’s recalls
  • Provide highly skilled diagnostic technicians to accurately solve the toughest problems
  • Source and provide parts considering Quality, Price and Availability
  • Provide competitive warranty
  • Book your next appointment tailored to your time schedule

We strive to provide the best customer service experience everyday! Our team of experts can handle any challenge! Come experience the difference at Sanderson Auto Repair.

Customer Reminder Program

Sanderson Auto Repair | Customer Reminder Program

Reminders tailored specifically to you and your vehicle.
When your vehicle needs maintenance, you’ll receive one of our reminders — simply call us to review items that may be needed. Here are the specific reminders you may receive:

Oil Change Reminders
We’ll send you a mailer customized for you, based on your specific driving habits AND the type of oil you use. We believe you should change your oil every 3,000 miles if you use regular oil and every 8,000 miles if you use full synthetic. Many manufacturers are extending the recommended oil change intervals and we know this is not the best way to maintain your vehicle.

Scheduled Maintenance Reminders
Every vehicle has a schedule that should be followed, and we'll send you a reminder for each major interval. Just call us and we’ll discuss services that MAY need to be performed. Together, we'll determine what should be done and set an appointment.

Technician Recommended Service Reminders
When you service your vehicle at Sanderson Auto Repair, you may opt not to do everything that we recommend. That’s ok: Our system saves those recommendations so we can remind you to take care of them at a time convenient for you.