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Maintenance Recommendations

Basic Oil Change: 3,000 miles/Synthetic Oil Change: 5,000 miles or per manufacturer recommendation.

Engine Air Filter: Dirty, contaminated air filters can restrict proper air flow and result in reduced engine performance, fuel economy, and damage air flow sensors. Have them replaced every 15, 000 miles!

Cabin Air Filter: A restricted airflow affects the amount of air flowing through the ventilation system resulting in poor heating or cooling in the passenger compartment. In some cases the filter can start to mold, causing odors. Have it replaced every 15,000 miles!

Brake Fluid Flush: Brake fluid absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, lowering the boiling point of the brake fluid, resulting in a soft brake pedal. Longer stopping distances, and can also cause internal corrosion on the master cylinder, anti-lock brake module, and calipers. This should be checked at about 30,000 miles.

Fuel Injection/Induction Cleaning: Regular cleaning and removal of carbon buildup in the fuel injection/induction system will ensure the engine performs and runs as efficiently as it did the day it was built. This is a 30,000 mile cleaning!

Shocks & Struts: Experts recommend the inspection of shocks & struts at 50,000 miles. Why? Because they are an integral part of your vehicle’s steering and braking systems. They help maintain vehicle control by keeping all four tiers firmly planted on the road. This could mean the difference between having an accident and avoiding once.

Coolant Extended life: 60,000 miles/or 4 years.  COOLANT GREEN: 30,000 miles/or 2 years

Transmission Fluid: Transmission fluid is made to suspend contaminates, lubricate seals, and disperse heat. Dirty fluid breaks down and greatly reduces its ability to protect the transmission. This is a 30,000 mile recommendation.

Power Steering Fluid: Over time, power steering fluid can allow deposits to form and fail to lube the pump and steering gear, creating harder steering effort and premature failure of steering components.  30,000 miles recommendation!

Battery: If testing lower than 80%, or over 4 years old AAA states the average life of a battery is 3-4 years. A weak battery can cause an alternator to work harder than it was engineered for, resulting in premature failure of the alternator.

Fuel Filter: A restricted fuel filter will cause a fuel pump to work harder than needed and create excessive heat in the fuel pump, resulting in premature fuel pump failure and drivability complaints. A maintenance recommendation is 30,000 miles.


Top Tire Care Tips

  1. Don’t wait! - Tires can lose up to 1psi/month (pounds per square inch), so checking your tire pressure regularly is important. Under inflated tires are dangerous because of the heat buildup and can lead to failure. Wait at least 3 hours after driving to check pressure when tires are cool and don’t forget to check your spare, too!
  2. Pressure Points - Your tire pressure is on a sticker located on the driver’s door, doorpost or owners manual-NOT on the tires sidewall (that’s the tire max pressure).
  3. Give a Penny - Placing a penny upside down into a tread groove can tell you if your tire is bald, it’s time to shop for a new tire if all of Lincoln’s head is visible.
  4. Rotate Your Ride - Schedule a tire rotation every 5,000-8,000 miles to promote even wear and longer tire life.
  5. Watch the Weight – Every 200 lbs of extra weight reduces fuel economy by apprx. One mpg so keep it light! Remove unnecessary weight to avoid adding stress to tires.