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Which tire is best for me?

We get this question a lot here at Sanderson Auto Repair.  It is commonly thought that a good “all season” tire is all that is needed in most passenger vehicle applications all the time.  That is not quite the case.  Tire manufacturers design tires for specific vehicle platforms along with weather conditions.  “All season” tires are primarily designed for mostly dry weather.  With some minor exposure to changing weather conditions.  “ All season” tires are best swapped out for “winter tires” when the weather gets cold and the snow comes in.

For example, the Firestone WinterForce, is a great “winter tire”.  They are specifically designed for extreme cold and winter conditions.  They improve vehicle stability, control, and braking in adverse, winter conditions.  They are designed with a very soft tread compound and are limited to use at temperatures below 60°.    A great new tire design to recently hit the market is an “all weather” tire. 

Firestone-Transforce HT | Firestone Destination LE3

The Firestone WeatherGrip or Bridgestone Weatherpeak, for example, are a hybrid design of an “all season” and “winter tire”.   Unlike a “winter tire”, the tread compound is designed to be run all year long.  No swapping of summer and winter tires needed.  They excel in heavy rain, snowy, and icy conditions due to their design, extra sipping, and tread compound.  They ride smooth and quiet and provide great tread wear life.  They are available for most passenger cars, crossover vehicles, and light vans.  The “all weather” tire designs are available for some light pick-ups and SUVs. 

Firestone WeatherGrip | Firestone WeatherPeak

It depends on the tire size and the weight the vehicle is designed to tow or haul.  Most half-ton and up pick-ups and SUVs will require a tire designed for the unique needs of such vehicles.  To find the right tire we need to start with how the vehicle is used?  Is it primarily used on paved road?  Then the Firestone Transforce HT or Destination LE3 might be a good choice. 

Do you live on gravel or find yourself out in the fields?  Then the Firestone Destination X/T or Transforce AT2 might be a better choice.  Just like each one of us is unique, your vehicle and how you use it is different for each of us.  The job of your tires is an important one! 

Firestone Destination XT | Firestone Transforce AT2

They are the only thing connecting your vehicle to the ground.  Choose the correct tire for your specific application and you will enjoy the drive so much more.  It might even save your life or the life of someone you care for!  Stop in and see the experts at Sanderson Auto and we can help you find the perfect tire for your application.


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